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Silestone Earthic Countertops

Discover Silestone Earthic Countertops in Orlando, FL, for a selection of sustainable Silestone colors inspired by earthy tones and textures. TheΒ Earthic collection, is an innovative Silestone countertop option and a sustainable surface with a maximum of 10% silica, created through a complex production process that utilizes recycled glass, PET, bio-resin, and Dekton fragments. The solid stone surface is still quartz-based and is the result of a new combination of recycled components and selected minerals produced through an innovative industrial process.


The Silestone Earthic collection incorporates up to 30% recycled components. The new Silestone color is manufactured with 99% recycled water and 100% certified renewable electric energy.

Components of Earthic Sustainable Silestone Countertops

Using recycled Dekton, the Earthic Sile stone surface reduces the extraction of raw materials. This limits soil erosion from mining and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Earthic countertops also incorporate 16% – 23% post-consumer bio-resin derived from vegetable oil and recycled cooking oil. In the production process, this step re-uses components that would otherwise be discarded.

Silestone Earthic uses post-industrial recycled glass to further avoid extraction of raw materials, which again prevents soil erosion and reduces CO2 emissions when producing the surface.

The use of Recycled PET (plastic bottles are transformed into distinctive shapes) to create the Earthic countertop surface reduces CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.