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The parent company of Silestone, Cosentino, has engineered a new material called Dekton – an extraordinary “ultracompact” surface. The manufacturing process prevents micro-defects that cause tensions or weak points, so it has almost zero porosity. This means it can be used for any application in extreme conditions (indoors or outdoors) for façades or floors, not just interior countertops and surfaces.

Dekton Onirika

What The Dekton! Onirika Dekton

Dekton Onirika offers a balance between smooth lines and subtle contrast through abstract patterns. This collection of Dekton stone presents an elegant aesthetic that feels natural. Though made of natural quartz, Dekton Onirika is engineered to meld the real world with surreal ideas in design and space.

Dekton Daze Countertop in Orlando

Dekton Daze: Fresh New Countertop Option for 2023

This beautiful surface texture can be used for indoor or outdoor countertops plus other applications like backsplashes, bathroom shower walls, vanity tops, table tops, or shelving. This color and texture of Dekton stone is engineered to be so strong and it is available in thin formats or slabs, so it can be used as cladding, flooring, even furniture.