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Silestone Kitchen Dekton Kelya

Kitchen Countertops Similar to Marble – Dekton Kelya + Aura Table

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Light and dark neutral tones combined with a hint of wood and subtle yet functional lighting are the foundation for this fresh look for luxurious kitchen countertops and high-end kitchen design. Dekton kitchen countertops emphasize the luxurious effect of kitchen and dining area, the worktop and front have been clad in Dekton Keyla, a sober and refined color inspired by dark marble with light veins.

blanco maple quartz silestone countertops

Silestone’s Blanco Maple Quartz Countertops

Fashionable individuals will probably want to do something more daring because white kitchens have become so common. Rather than going for wood or black and white décor, consider going with subtly bright colors like pastels. You can pull this look off by adding high-gloss surfaces or textures in other areas. The same colors can also be added to your walls for additional accentuation.

how to match silestone to kitchen cabinets

How to Match Silestone Countertops to Kitchen Cabinets

Many interior designers recommend choosing your Silestone countertop color first and then selecting the cabinets simply because there are more cabinet options than countertop options. If you have indeed already picked your cabinets you will have plenty of pairing options available. Quartz countertops like Silestone have a ton of color or pattern options, so they can match almost any kitchen cabinet style you’ve fallen in love with.


Caesarstone vs Silestone

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Both Silestone and Caesarstone are made of engineered quartz that are extremely hard, durable, and resistant to scratches and stains. Though hard and durable, both cannot handle extremely hot cookware being placed directly on countertop surface. They can incur “thermal shock” and may crack.

Dekton Onirika

What The Dekton! Onirika Dekton

Dekton Onirika offers a balance between smooth lines and subtle contrast through abstract patterns. This collection of Dekton stone presents an elegant aesthetic that feels natural. Though made of natural quartz, Dekton Onirika is engineered to meld the real world with surreal ideas in design and space.

ethereal glow silestone counter

Ethereal Glow Silestone Has Staying Power for Design

The smooth, polished finish of the Ethereal Glow Silestone is unparalleled in its smoothness, and the subtle white veining and metallic flecks create a striking visual texture that is both ethereal and captivating. Its light gray base adds a touch of subtle color that perfectly complements any design scheme.

Dekton Daze Countertop in Orlando

Dekton Daze: Fresh New Countertop Option for 2023

This beautiful surface texture can be used for indoor or outdoor countertops plus other applications like backsplashes, bathroom shower walls, vanity tops, table tops, or shelving. This color and texture of Dekton stone is engineered to be so strong and it is available in thin formats or slabs, so it can be used as cladding, flooring, even furniture.