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Get a Kitchen Design Pro for Your Remodel

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Most home owners know that designing, then remodeling or building a new kitchen is complicated and can be costly. Investing in the right design help at the start can ease those complications and increase your chances of getting a kitchen you love at the best price. The reality is that remodeling is a messy process no matter how well planned it is. It’s incredibly tough to get every individual variable to go as anticipated. Recent studies have shown that a little over 50% of homeowners have used a designer when remodeling their kitchen.

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  • Product & Material Suggestions
  • Layout & Design Suggestions
  • Creation of Kitchen Layout Drawings
  • Kitchen Measurements
  • Coordination of Entire Process
  • Contractor Suggestions

Bad Kitchen Design

Bad Kitchen Design

Don’t let this happen to you!

Can a professional interior designer add real value to your kitchen remodel?

Kitchens are typically more complicated than the other rooms in the house because it involves plumbing, electrical, and gas lines, which all link to appliances, fixtures and lighting, even storage areas. Outside the bedroom, most residents spend more time in the kitchen because they are the gathering spot for family and friends. That’s why we want them to be beautiful and functional as a place to cook as well as socialize.

Most homeowners, it seems, remodel their kitchens so they simply look better and work better. Resale value is usually the 3rd priority with kitchen remodels, which means the pursuit of profit on the investment is not a priority. cost…

Professional Designer to Design Kitchen

If we are basing our decision to hire pro kitchen designer and cost is our primary factor, first consider how much your kitchen is worth. Generally a home’s kitchen is 10% – 15% of its total value. If the home is worth $300,000, spend $30k – $45k for a full remodel. Anything less than a full remodel and your investment in the project should diminish proportionally. For a full remodel, how much of that do you invest in a professional designer?

Fees for a true, professional interior designer can represent 5% – 10% of your project costs. The lower percentage applies to more expensive projects ($100K+). It’s counterintuitive, but the lower your project budget, the more the designer will cost. In 2023, the national average for kitchen design services is $12,250, with the minimum range for an independent designer running from $1,500 to $3,000.

Interior Designers for Kitchens Countertops

As the cost of a designer is relative to the project, the value is relative to your own personal experience, goals and knowledge. Like everything else in life, knowledge is power. Know your budget, know your goals, be confident in your ideas/wants, and then start considering and interviewing your options.

Know that with a true pro, you don’t lose control of your design ideas for your kitchen. A great kitchen designer or interior designer know how to help others realize their ideas most effectively, efficiently, and with an added touch of style. Sure you can handle picking cabinet styles and appliances but for a major remodel, you really should consider a professional kitchen designer. They will save you money on the total cost of the remodel and help you optimize the kitchen you envisioned.

The Right Kitchen Design Professional for The Project

Architects vs interior designers vs designers dedicated to kitchens… they can all do, but the one for your project depends on the context of it.

How do you find someone you can trust to help you? Honesty and good communication is required from you and the designer. Don’t feign a big budget if you really don’t have it in the bank, and the designer should have an established reputation and referrals, word of mouth and on the internet.

Processional Designer for Kitchen Remodel

A Certified Kitchen Designer

NKBA certification is the industry hallmark. The National Kitchen & Bath Association is a not-for-profit trade association that represents 14,000+ members or companies in North America. Established in 1963 as a network of kitchen dealers, it has grown into a broader association of distributors, retailers, remodelers, manufacturers, fabricators, cabinet and appliance installers, designers, and other professionals.

The organization’s designations, which include Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD), Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) and Certified Bath Designer (CBD), require five years of full-time design experience as well as knowledge of construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. Certified kitchen designers must complete a professional development program, pass an exam, and maintain their certification by meeting continuing education requirements. A Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD) is a highly experienced designer with additional educational and professional credits.

Hiring an interior designer for kitchen design and remodeling could be advantageous over a kitchen designer when you want a broader perspective that integrates the kitchen seamlessly with the overall aesthetic and functionality of the home. They will be more apt to consider factors like flow, lighting, and spatial harmony beyond just the kitchen’s layout and appliances. Interior designers also possess a more versatile skill set that allows them to incorporate various design elements, materials, and color schemes to create a cohesive and visually appealing space, while also addressing ergonomic and lifestyle needs.

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