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Don’t Put This on Your New Countertops

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Most people say that cluttered countertops are a cause of stress in the kitchen when cooking. So many HGTV shows, so much information out there, so many tidbits of info to help you organize… and you go and put all this crap on your nice new and expensive countertops. It’s a convenient place to store things, but your kitchen countertop is not the place to store things and cultivate clutter. Keep this off your counter.

Off The Countertop… Appliances You Use Once a Year

Kitchen Countertop Appliances

Yes, kitchen counter are perfect for toasters, blenders, mixers, and other appliances you use regularly. But if you only use them every once in a while, there really is no sense in displaying them on your countertops. Unless you’re just that vapid and vain. Appliances are the biggest culprits of stress-inducing counter clutter. A good rule is: if you don’t use it once a week, it shouldn’t be on your counter. And if you’re not sure where to put these things just get rid of them… sell it or donate it!

Kitchen Counter is Not Your Office… Papers

Kitchen Countertop Papers

This one is easy to understand. Whether you have magazines, newspapers, junk mail, or not-so-junky mail like bills, papers can accumulate fast, and the more they do, the more of a hassle it is to organize them. And a messy look isn’t the only reason to keep papers out of your cooking space. If papers or magazines get wet while sitting on your countertop, the ink can easily get transferred onto the countertop surface. After that, it is a PITA to clean.

Get Grandma’s Tea Set Off The Countertop!

Kitchen Countertop Server ware

Fancy china or dinnerware is a thing of the past. That’s how people used to show off their wealth. Now we got phones and electric cars. From a cleaning perspective, it is a nightmare to properly wipe each thing every week or so.

Maybe have one item on a display shelf. Otherwise, store it in a glass-front cabinet or hang it on a wall. The same goes for decorative trinkets and other non-functional items if they are small. There are probably plenty of places you can store them that don’t take away from your cooking space.

Canisters off The Counters

Kitchen Countertop Containers

It’s a good idea of you are in a working kitchen. And we can’t blame you for wanting to keep decorative canisters in plain view on your counter. If you actually use them , they are bulky and take up a lot of space.

it can be a matter of personal preference , but it’s just easy to keep them in a cabinet and off the counters . If we call them pantry Staples, How about we keep them in the pantry? This is especially so if you don’t use them often.

Countertops with Spice Dust All Over Them

Kitchen Countertop Spices

Don’t store spices near your oven or stove top where light and heat can weaken their flavors over time. It’s simply better to store them in a cool, dark place. And done!

Knives In, Not Out on The Counter Top

Kitchen Countertop Knives

Though fancy knife blocks are a cool tool to display, A countertop is just not the safest place, especially if you have young children in the house. But where then? Keep your sharp knives in a drawer with a lock to keep them out of reach of little kids.

Again, if you don’t have a working kitchen or really cook all that much, don’t have a large knife block taking up room on your counter and collecting dust.

Kitchen Countertops Littered with Olive Oil

Kitchen Countertop Olive-Oil

This is another food you degrade with improper storage… olive oil. It can go bad more quickly if it is stored in direct light and close to heat. The same goes for all oils. Keep them in a cool, dark place.

No One Want to See Your Junk Food Habits.. . You Included

Kitchen Countertops Junk Food

You knew this was coming… The more visible and accessible your guilty-pleasure snacks are, the more likely you are to grab them, start eating, and not stop. That goes for you and your guests.

Plus sweets and treats leave stickiness, crumbs, and residue on your countertop, which, well, isn’t the best, most sanitary kitchen aesthetic.

Cleaning Stuff is Dirty – Get if Off The Counter

Kitchen Counter Cleaning

Food and chemical-packed cleaning products don’t mix… Duh! Don’t risk spilling any of these inedible substances onto your food or the areas where you prep it. Even more kitchen-friendly products, like dish soap and disinfectant, should be stored in a closet or a cabinet, such as one underneath the sink.

You’re Expensive Electronics are Great

Kitchen Counters Electronics

Everyone has one of those fancy home electronic speaker devices now . though tempting to keep it on your kitchen countertop, it is not the best idea mixing electronics around food and water. When you consider the amount of water-pouring, dishwashing, and accidental spillage that happens in the kitchen keep phones, laptops, and speakers off your counter and out of range of any potential water damage.

What are acceptable items on kitchen counter?

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