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Silestone Eternal Bella Quartz Gray Kitchen Countertop

Nate Berkstein Design

Nate Berkstein
Interior Design

Silestone Eternal Bella Quartz gray kitchen countertop is so popular that samples are hard to come by so see why the Silestone countertop is so hot in 2024.

Coming out of Silestone’s Eternal Series, the hue in the Eternal Bella Countertop delivers a contemporary take on natural marble or stone surfaces for kitchen counters. Coupled with the latest advancements in Hybriq technology in the Silestone slab, the quartz countertop is more sustainable and still high-performing. The use of crystalline silica is reduced while a hybrid mix (formula) of mineral and reused raw materials are used.

Silestone Eternal Bella Quartz Gray Kitchen Countertop Color

Available Thicknesses: 1.2cm 2cm 3cm

Finishes or Textures: POLISHED

This countertop color option takes the warm look of natural stone with white hues and makes it more elegant with soft grey veins. In a way, it transforms the classic marble patterns you are familiar with and modernizes it. What’s even more amazing is that this series of quartz countertops is the first to have veining and highlights run completely through the material, including the edges. The result is a totally natural appearance that is more versatile!

SLAB: Silestone Eternal Bella Quartz Gray Kitchen Countertop

Silestone Eternal Bella Quartz Gray Kitchen Countertop Slab

GALLERY: Silestone Eternal Bella Quartz Gray Kitchen Countertop

More From the Silestone Eternal Series

The colors in the Silestone Eternal series come in suede and polished finish to let you create your own unique contemporary quartz countertop design. The Silestone Eternal collection has been created for a world where different shapes, cutting-edge innovation, and futuristic materials are brought together to allow everyone to enjoy a beautiful design in their homes. Below you will discover six celestial designs never seen before. Depth and movement, continuity of pattern, and distinct contrasting effects allow the new stunning range of Silestone Eternal colors to truly shine. The colors of the Silestone Eternal series are available in Suede and polished finish.

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